What is Machinema?


Examples of Machinima:

This playlist includes:
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Star Wars- The Force Unleashed 'Machinima Short' Pilot
This is a great example of how machinima can be used to create new stories. This series mashes up different movie quotes to create a new, and funny, story using a Star Wars video game.
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Romeo & Juliet, 2553 A.D. (Pt 1)

Romeo & Juliet, 2553 A.D. (Pt 2)
Red vs. Blue is one of the best known machinima series online. They pioneered and made popular the use of Halo 3 to create Machinima. This adaptation of Romeo & Juliet demonstrates how this medium can be used for storytelling and narrative film. Students in a literature class could use this medium to act out plays.
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The McDonalds Rap Halo 3
This video is a great example two new art forms made possible by social media tools: machinima and mashups. The audio in this clip is extracted from the viral video McDonalds Rap and the video is rendered using the Video game Halo 3.
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Machinima for a school project
This is a good example of a middle school science project.
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Jigoku Shoujo: Dead End - Sims2 Machinima
This is a short story of a girl and her personal conflicts with her step sister. It was done using Sims2. It is a great example of how machinima could be used for storytelling.
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Andrew Jackson Machinima
Great example of a history presentation project.
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Super Glue (NickWasHere007 Production)
This project appears to be either a science or social studies project on the history of an invention. It is rather entertaining and a good example of how a biography presentation could be done using machinima. They do a great job of taking what would otherwise be a dry and dull subject and making it very interesting.
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Planet X Machinima
This film was obviously done for a film class. I include it here to show how advanced cinematography techniques can be applied to works of machinima.
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The 20's Through Machinima
This is a good example of a US History presentation using machinima.
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Biology Final external image pixel-vfl73.gif
Nice example of machinima used for a Biology presentation.
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Possessive Singular Nouns!
Fantastic example of machinima used to demonstrate grammar concepts.
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World Geography Project: Africa
Example of machinima used for a geography project.
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This Damn Economy external image pixel-vfl73.gif
This video was done by college students for a project about the economy. While this is not appropriate for young audiences it is a masterful example of how machinima can be used to tell complex stories.

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Machinima Tools:
  • Software Download: //Machinima// Movie Maker

    • nice collection of free machinima tools

  • Moviestorm

    • Free software specifically designed for making machinima. You build sets, create characters, direct action, and set camera angles a powerful 3D rendering engine

  • Reallusion 3d animation software - 3D Animation Made Simple!

    • Free software specifically designed for making machinima. You build sets, create characters, direct action, and set camera angles in a powerful 3D rendering engine.

  • (PC only)

    • Software that creates avi files from flash content from flash games or YouTube Videos.
    • It is also an online community where you can share video game screencasts (video can be extracted from this site for use in Machinima projects)
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