Project-Based Learning: Pedagogy that Works

Bears Professional Growth Academy Agenda:

12:30-12:45 Introductions

12:45-1:15 Metacognitive Reflection:
  • "What is learning?"
  • "What are traits/qualities of learning experiences that improve learning?"
  • "What are factors/conditions that hinder learning?"
  • "What is the purpose of school?"

1:15-2:00 Discussion:
  • "What is 21st Century Learning?"
  • "How has technology changed how we administer curriculum?"
  • "How has technology changed the curriculum we have?"
  • "Why do we organize schools in the way we do?"
2:00-2:15 Overview of Constructivism

2:15-3:45 Project-Based Learning


Project-Based Schools: Full Immersion Model

Project-Based Courses: Partial Immersion Model
Project-Based Projects: Individual Assessment Model

Project-Based Projects: Canned Project Model

3:45-4:00 Closing Discussion

Further Resources:

Tech tools that have PBL potential:
external image xtranormal.png - If you can type, you can make movies. Text-to-Movie Curriculum ideas!
external image blabberize.png - Make still portraits talk with comical moving mouths. Curriculum ideas!
external image mashface.png - Make still portraits talk with your mouth from a webcam.
external image goanimate.png - Make your own animated movies. Curriculum ideas!
external image artistsC01_logo.png - Online application that lets you build your own 3D games.
external image sliderocket.png - Flash-based online presentation program that rivals PowerPoint. Curriculum ideas!

- - The zooming presentation editor
external image voicethread.gif - Allows you to mix pictures, audio, and video in a collaborative environment where rich threaded discussions can take place. ? Curriculum ideas!
external image issuu.png - Turn your document files into an online magazine that you can embed. Curriculum ideas!
external image metaplace_logo.png - free flash based virtual world platform.GreenZoner egypt